Phoenix Tattoo Side Piece

The wing on her back is fresh, and the rest of the phoenix is fully healed, the tree as well. This work was a custom design from start to finish, with a client who had a very open vision but also some key expectations on the outcome that we brainstormed together in a consultation. Brings out the best work for both of us!

30 Day Challenge: Round 1

Title: Last Ride of the Workhorse

This piece is 18″x24″ and was created with Faber-Castell and Copic liners.

That moment where you’re dodging rocks, racing on your ride to the next big goal, programmed to achieve the missions. And then there’s the moment our engine blows, maybe somebody shot it or it was just at the end of its miles. But we don’t surrender to giving up, because we’re just not built that way, are we?

Additional close-up shots: